What is TOEIH?

TOEIH is the language proficiency test for the hospitality industry. It evaluates guest service and communication by measuring English language and hospitality skills.

It is designed to provide hotels with an easy to use, clear, straightforward test and a high quality, accurate reporting system that allows management to compare English competency levels across departments and different hotels and to operate training programs accordingly.

It includes tests for the four language competencies of Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading which may be taken separately.

Test Information and Timing

Tests can be taken separately or you can choose to take all four sections.

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The test can be used to:

  • Assess learning needs
  • Place staff on courses
  • Perform recruitment
  • Review service performance of staff
  • Identify promotion prospects
  • Analyse service needs
  • Improve guest experience
  • Pursue excellence

Tracking and Reporting

TOEIH enables you to make measurements and set targets across your property

Score, set targets & compare:

  • Each individual in your property
  • All language competencies individually
  • Every position in every department
  • Departments across your property
  • Properties across your brand & regions
  • Overall English & service competency
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Re-test your staff after training and at regular intervals. We suggest for most guest contact, staff testing two times per year before and after training.

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