Test of English for International Hospitality

The world’s only five star communication and service evaluation for hotels

Language Evaluation

Measure and compare your team's standard of English communication.
Evaluate your standard of English communication with guests, including vocabulary, fluency, pronunciation, tone, grammar and understanding.


What level of service do you provide for your guests?
The test includes scores for service skill, including the level of politeness, register, offers of extra service and showing a guest focused attitude.

Recruitment Evaluation

Test the competency of applicants when interviewing.
Get immediate results when hiring and interviewing to benchmark individuals, or use the same score for promotions with your existing staff.

Speak, Listen, Read, Write

Measure all four language competencies, including speaking.
Unlike other tests, TOEIH is designed first and foremost to evaluate the most important (and difficult to test) skill of speaking, using recorded interactions with example guests.

Advanced Reporting

An easy to use reporting system with targets, student history and comparisons.
Includes pre-defined positional targets, current scores and comparisons of individual, departmental and property wide development over time.

Professional Examiners

Speaking and writing tests are marked individually by real examiners.
Our trained examiners grade recordings and tests off-site according to precise and complex scoring criteria.

E testing is Cost Effective

Online testing software runs straight up from your browser with an easy set-up.
User friendly, easy to follow instructions for testing and packages for all sizes of properties give great value for money for each test you take.

TOEIH Certification

We certify hotels & individual team members who meet standards.
Based on our communication and service star rating system we can compare you to benchmarks in your competitive set, your country and beyond.

What will TOEIH do for us?

Insight into the performance of your team is crucial when managing a development program. By evaluating using TOEIH, you can set your goals and seize your opportunities to grow, while improving your quality of service.

E testing is Cost Effective!

Online testing software runs straight up from your browser with an easy set-up.

Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing tests can be taken separately

Or choose to take two, three or all four together


28 Questions

15 min


57 Questions

30 min


6 Questions

40 min


45 Questions

30 min

TOEIH Reporting

TOEIH’s reporting system will provide you with clear information and statistics to get direct insight in your performance and improvement across your organisation.

Dashboards show property, departmental and individual summaries and overviews as well as historical improvement.

Intelligent tables with search features provide overviews of test results based on your specific needs.

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Get TOEIH Certified

TOEIH offers certification for your hotel when meeting TOEIH qualification standards.

Property certificate
  • Property Certification
    Certify your entire team with a property score using totals and averages across all departments in the property.
  • Department Certification
    Evaluate individual departments in your hotel and certify them against benchmarks and targets.
  • Personal Certification
    Team members can receive individual certification with their personal score or based on their individual targets.
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“The TOEIH test is a unique professional product…”

“When we were considering TOEIH, we contacted other customers about their experiences with TOEIH and were given the same information, the TOEIH test is a unique professional product that brings real results!” – Banyan Tree

“We needed a test for listening skills, and were happy to take the TOEIH test as it is a well-researched, trustworthy and high quality product.”
Four Seasons
“We have used TOEIH extensively for most of our team, to measure our company performance as well as the success of our training programs.”
“We were able to accurately keep track of our students’ progress, and watching the improvement on the graphs gave us confidence we were going the right way.”

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  • 1 year contract
  • 150 credits
  • 15 free recruitment tests
  • Enough for 165 tests!


  • 1 year contract
  • 600 credits
  • 70 free recruitment tests
  • Enough for 670 tests!


  • 1 year contract
  • 1200 credits
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